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- an organization of New England Chihuahua fanciers




Tips on Finding a Responsible Breeder
Dear Puppy Buyer,
The Registry Game - Leslie Riley "Blueboy Chihuahuas"
Birth Of A Litter - Leslie Riley "Blueboy Chihuahua"
Article on Handlers - Grace  M. Sette "Sette's Chihuahuas of Long Island"

Pure Bred Dogs at Risk of Extinction
- By Susan F. Payne "Toltec Chihuahuas"
Stacking - Amber All "Soigne Chihuahuas"
Judges Comments, Lauren Payne - Courtesy of Top Notch Toys ; December 2008
The Springfield Kennel Club Dog Show Guide and Dog Show Etiquette

Folic Acid - Jean Viljoen -Courtesy of "Pasadena Chihuahuas"; Vahalla, South Africa
Compulsive Lick Disorder - Courtesy of Triple Crown Dog Academy, Inc
Disorders Affecting Fertility in the Male Dog - Courtesy "Wing-N-Wave Labradors"
Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control - by Jerold S. Bell, D.V.M.
Canine Genetics - by E. Katie Gammill; Courtesy of TheDogPlace / August 2009
Preferred Breed Type - E. Katie Gammill; - Courtesy of The Dog Press; 01|05|09

Recommended Books

The Chihuahua By Susan Payne
If anyone would like to purchase Susan Payne's book directly from BowTie, they can go on www.shopanimalnetwork.com or contact our sales department at consumersales@bowtieinc.com, or 1-800-738-2665 (If you call this company is located in a pacific time zone)